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About 817 Tix

About 817Tix.com

A locally based ticketing portal for live events is now available free of charge to businesses, organizations and residents of the 817 area code of north Texas. Debuting in the summer of 2019, 817Tix.com is owned by Southlake Style Magazine and strives to be a digital resource that enhances the experience of local concerts, events, and shows for organizers and attendees alike.

“For nearly 15 years Southlake Style has been gathering and promoting a variety of events in northeast Tarrant County,” says the magazine’s publisher Mike Tesoriero. “During this time we’ve created a large and loyal readership of those who want to know what’s happening locally. When you couple that with the tens of thousands who follow our websites and social media channels, that’s a monthly audience of more than 100,000 people. Yet, when our readers found what to do within our calendars, we had no choice but to send them off to other print or digital resources to find tickets on their own.”

National ticketing and event services are available for event organizers, Tesoriero added, but usually offer minimal logistics or marketing support to the companies that use them. Additionally, any fees from tickets sold using the national services (such as Eventbrite) are pulling dollars out of local communities,” he says.

Thankfully, 817Tix.com is built upon a special software package from Michigan-based GeoTix which allows local markets to compete with the national ticketing services.

“With the launch of 817Tix.com Southlake Style has once again empowered 817 area businesses and organizations with first rate promotional solutions — this time in the form of user-friendly event ticketing services.” Tesoriero says, adding that the synergies in print and digital promotions for the community makes it easier for organizations and their events to be more visible to the public.

Businesses that use the service will have full access to manage their own portals, events, venues, and tickets like most other services. There is no charge to join, and companies or nonprofits pay only a 2.5 percent credit card processing fee, which makes the ticket fees very competitive with the national market.

“The big advantage with 817Tix.com over the national competition is the dedicated local media support that comes with the Southlake Style brand,” Tesoriero says, explaining that in addition to the promotional tools individual organization homepage clients will have on the site, there will also be plenty of opportunities to enhance promotions through synergies with the Southlake Style family of publications.

For more information or a free demonstration, contact [email protected] or call 817-416-4500.